Are You Ready to Be Fierce?

So many women (including myself) have deliberately surrendered their lives and their marriages to God and experienced a turn-around beyond their imagination.

But it doesn’t happen passively or over night. It’s easy to lose heart in the face of a difficult season, things getting worse, unexpected changes, or the stark realization that despite all your best efforts and preparation, your marriage isn’t going the way you thought it would.


You want to enjoy your marriage,

but there’s a big problem…

you’re not sure how to do that right now.



Do You Ever...

Feel like your prayers for your marriage aren’t being answered?

Wonder how you can improve communication in your marriage?

Wish you could learn from other married women who understand your frustrations?

Find yourself asking what the will of God is for your marriage?

Feel totally clueless about how to handle what’s happening in your marriage?

Ask yourself if this marriage is going to really last?

You want to feel loved and fulfilled and happy in your marriage, but that’s not what’s happening right now. And you’re saying,

“I need help!”

My Fierce Friend, that’s why I created the Warrior Wives Club.


Let Me Welcome You to the Warrior Wives Club Membership

I founded the Warrior Wives Club to make an encouraging, powerful, and exciting space where wives learn to pray powerfully, get encouraged by testimonies, and align with God-honoring changes in their marriages. If you're a wife or a woman who ministers to wives, you will be blessed by what both levels of membership have to offer.

Each month I deliver you material that will support every area of your life, including your marriage. You can easily access this spiritual food from your private web and mobile portal.

  • WarriorWives

    “Michelle is the real deal. Her spirit-led teachings have greatly impact my life personally as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a writer. I could go on and on about her awesomeness.”

  • WarriorWives

    “Michelle walked me through the use of one of the most powerful weapons we have - prayer. She cares for the health and success of marriages. I consider it an investment for my future generations to be a part of something so great! ”

  • WarriorWives

    “Michelle's teachings have been a God-breathed blessing to both my marriage and my life. ”

Wife Level Features

If you're a wife or soon-to-be wife, you'll want to join at this level.

Monthly Teaching

I share an audio teaching that will grow your understanding of Christ, God's Word, and how the month's topic relates to your marriage.

Members-Only Webinar

I host a monthly 60-minute, interactive webinar for members only. We'll discuss the monthly topic in further detail, have a Q&A time, and share prayer requests & praise reports. (Playback available to active members)

Scripture-Sword Download

A beautiful, downloadable collection of Scriptures related to the monthly topic that can be added to prayers, applied to everyday life, or simply displayed to remind you of God's Word.

Weekly Email

I send you an email every week to keep you focused on God's word and grounded in His truth. I'll also give you reminders about upcoming events and new material added.

When you have regular encouragement and a way to connect with like-minded believers, getting through tough seasons of your marriage and learning to love deeply is no longer something you wait to experience at a women’s conference or a weekend retreat. Instead, you simply live a life in Christ that directly impacts your marriage! And when you live that life #FightForYours Life, you no longer get trapped in unhealthy patterns. You’re proactive about conflict, your moods don’t swing so far to the left or the right, and you bounce back faster. Instead of feeling victimized by the attack on your marriage or feeling defeated because you think maybe you made a mistake by getting married (trust me - you’re not the first one to feel that way!), you’re empowered to know how to handle situations both spiritually and practically in your marriage.

Wife+ Level

If you are a woman who ministers to wives & women, you'll want to join at this level.

Access to Wife Level Materials & Events

You'll get access to everything shared at the Wife-Level of Warrior Wives Club, which includes the webinar, Scripture-Sword download, monthly teaching, & weekly email.

Monthly Accountability Webinar

I host a monthly webinar for peers who minister to women to discuss victories, challenges, and prayerfully hold each other accountable for the calling on our lives.

Courses & Tools for Creating Materials

I share the processes, tools, and contacts I have used to create and publish more than 50 journals, devotionals, and books that minister to believers worldwide.  

Warrior Wives Club Memberships make it super-easy to grow into the reality of life in Christ as a wife and a minister to those you are called to serve. You’ll get flexible, structured guidance. And you’re never on your own!

And there's more!



Active members at either level have access to the growing bank of previous months' materials as well as member courses, including the foundational "Praying with Power" Course.

Who Should Join WarriorWivesClub?


Women who want more. More from their walk with God, more from their marriages, even more impact for their ministries. Regardless of where you are now, WarriorWives has resources and help here that can change your life and push you to the next level of authority, joy, and peace in Christ. 

If you want to look back on your life in just a few months and be able to say, "Wow! My life has changed sooo much!" WarriorWivesClub is for you!



Become a WarriorWivesClub Member!

Choose the option you need.

Wife Level

For wives who want to see change in themselves, change in their marriages, and wish to learn from like-minded women who are serious about the things of God.

Wife+ Level

For women who minister to wives & women who desire accountability and want to learn how to create and publish products that minister to Christian women.

Have more questions?

Is the WarriorWivesClub for men?

No. We discuss issues and topics from a female perspective. For some of these conversations, it would be inappropriate to have such discussion in the presence of our brothers.

How much time will WarriorWivesClub take up?

That’s totally up to you! There is no no “homework,” no deadlines. You can listen, watch, read, and learn whenever you want, as often as you want. If you’re super busy one week or month, don’t worry about it. You can’t fall behind in WarriorWivesClub! However, please remember: We need each other! As you commit to your spiritual growth, you will find that time and other obligations shift to accommodate your God-given purpose.

Is the WarriorWivesClub a Christian group?

Yes. WarriorWivesClub is definitely a Christian group. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you decide WarriorWivesClub isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime in your profile. Canceling the Membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month. Your access to the course material will end after your subscription is cancelled. 

How do I access materials?

Everything is in the Membership portal! You just log in and can access all the materials for the current month AND all previous months. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

I'm not married yet. May I still join WarriorWivesClub?

Yes. Many of those who have attended my classes have been engaged, in serious relationships, or even afraid to get married because they have no godly frame of reference for marriage. Come on in, sis. Learning all you can before you get married is definitely a wise move.