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The Dedicated Space

This private area of the WarriorWives.Club is a space where wives access courses, specific prayer strategies, live webinars with Michelle, and new materials released monthly. Those who minister to wives also find guidance and accountability to grow their impact.

The Resources You Need

Stop trying not figure it out all on your own! Here are books, resources, and other digital material to help you through any season! From blended families to adultery to cultural differences and sex...it's all here!

  • WarriorWives

    “Michelle is the real deal. Her spirit-led teachings have greatly impact my life personally as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a writer. I could go on and on about her awesomeness.”

  • WarriorWives

    “Michelle walked me through the use of one of the most powerful weapons we have - prayer. She cares for the health and success of marriages. I consider it an investment for my future generations to be a part of something so great! ”

  • WarriorWives

    “Michelle's teachings have been a God-breathed blessing to both my marriage and my life. ”


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